The Graduate Degree (Ph.D.) Program of COSTAR

Annual deadline for application is March 1st (confirm with program office)

The COSTAR program supports research training in Craniofacial Oral-Biology through the Dental School of The University of Texas Health Science Center. The mission of COSTAR is to train students to become interactive, competitive scientists who can do research in dental- and craniofacial-related areas.

The Ph.D. Training Track

Students to be supported by this program will be in graduate programs within departments of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) ( A core curriculum provides fundamental concepts and knowledge in the biomedical sciences in the fields of biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, and infectious diseases. A Ph.D. degree will be earned in one of four Graduate School departments: Biochemistry (, Cellular and Structural Biology (, Microbiology (, Physiology ( or Pharmacology ( Trainees will be required to participate in on-going COSTAR trainee get-togethers, seminar programs, and the Dental School Research Day. To enhance their grantsmanship skills, the students are expected to submit applications for individual support during their program.

Application Instructions

Applicants must be accepted to GSBS and meet all the requirements for application. Second and third year graduate students with an interest in and in laboratories with ongoing projects related to oral biology can also apply. Applicants must submit their application to Dr. Ken Hargreaves, Endodontics, UTHSCSA, MSC 7892, 7703 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, TX 78229-3900. The application s package should include: 1) A COSTAR application, 2) a current CV, 3) a current Graduate School transcript, 4) recommendations from their mentor and an additional member of their dissertation committee, and 5) a personal statement outlining their research and career goals (not to exceed two pages. Please submit application in hard copy. Selected applicants may be interviewed by the COSTAR Leadership Council who ranks applicants and selects candidates. Selection criteria: a) progress and standing in their Graduate School program, b) letters of recommendation, c) personal statement, and d) potential for career in oral biology research. While exceptions can be made, funding of students will occur at the completion of the department’s preliminary/oral examination requirements after their 1st year of graduate school. For Ph.D. directed questions or information contact Dr. Brian Wickes at 210-567-3938 ( or Dr. Ken Hargreaves at 210-567-3381 (

Forms and Instructions
1. Application
2. Recommendation Form